Friday, September 28, 2012

New Design

Blog has a new design! Do you like it??


Such delicate things.
Lost in the wind and moaning breeze.
Wing in a sling.
Fighting for the courage it needs.
A monarch.
A king.
Brilliant and colorful.
King of the skies.
Lost in the night.
Going south as the chill approaches.
Patterns on wings, and antennae.
Too thin to touch.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Some alternate Haiku

The vines rowboat leaves
Swayed by the winds shifting wake
Struck by spring’s sea spray.
Sailing to clear places
And toward the horizon.

Lighthouse guides the lost
Far from lurking rocks and stone
Shying from harms way
Lighting the true path
For one to take.

He saw no petals
Falling from trees or flowers
With slow wind, but his
Feet brush the pink
Confetti from the cherry tree.

Scaling to the top
Shading eyes to see the land
Grabbing onto branch
As to stay up
And see as long as possible.

These haiku forms are called Tanka, they are just haiku with two added lines at the end