Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Pantoum

Rain falls drizzling
from the drab sky.
Pitter Patter.
Like slow moving oil.

From the drab sky.
Delicate lady finger clouds
Like slow moving oil.
Float through the sky.

Delicate lady finger clouds
wispy and whipped; frothy
float through the sky.
Like thoughts or dreams

Wispy and whipped; frothy.
Trees sway and puddles form.
Like thoughts or dreams.
The calm before the storm.

Like thoughts or dreams.
Rain falls drizzling.
Like slow moving oil.
Pitter patter

Waiting for the storm to hit. Good luck to you all


Monday, October 15, 2012


He has his toys organized all in a row
wrenches, and hammers, and pliers.
Criss-cross apple sauce.
He has lenses over his eyes,
almost invisible
in the light of his office.
On the pelt of a
plum shag carpet.
Asking questions
that don’t make sense.
Taming the roaring lions
that prowl the wild
savanna of your