Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shannon's line prompt

She was walking through the old orchard, a crisp fall wind kissed her face; there was someone following her.

Megan's cousin Lindsey's story part

"How could you tell, Lucy?" I cry as the officer snaps the cuffs on.
"it was easy," She says smirking at me. "You stole my man, I told your secret addiction. I'll send you a case of beer to you in jail." I get shoved into the car. The red and blue lights, flashing me Lucy's smile one last time before the car jerks forward.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We need writers!

Tell your friends about the blog, and if you are following the blog we would like for you to write something.

Poem about nothing.

Swallowing nothing, darkness.

The faint whispers of unasked questions.

Clanking cracked pottery.

Mosaics of fire.

A geometric pattern so undecipherable in its godly pattern.

Dripping in millennia’s of power yet as small and shriveled as an old blueberry.

A lone Persian carpet stands in a red desert.

Dragon scales falling from a heavy sky.

Moss on a tree covered in lichen.

The end of a tunnel, light blue.

Light filtered through the surface of a lake.

Nothing speaks.

Nothing kills.

Nothing comforts.


New part in Caleb's story

Here's the new part of my story. I am gonna write it in the comments so it doesn't take up a lot of space.



Monday, August 29, 2011

The Isles of Skulnblaka

"The Kingdom is angry Sanko," said the President gravely. We lost Sliver.
"But you gained The Harvester," said Sanko calmly.
"We wanted Sliver."
"I'm right here President," said a voice from the door way.

Changed Colors!

In case you didn't notice we changed the color design of the blog.

Caleb's beginning

This is from one of Shannon's prompts. It isn't very long, but I left off on a cliff hanger.

When Charlie awoke, the air around him was thin with hate. He knew, that after last night, His family nor his friends would be ok. As he rose out of his bed, all the flashbacks of the night before, zoom into his mind. He tries to stop them but the memories pour in. The fight, Ben breaking his leg, and most of all, his father dying. The flashbacks end and he walks down the hall, into kitchen. A small tear falls down his cheek, and another, and another. He sits and waits at the dining room table and waits for his mom to show, but she never does.

-Moderator Caleb :)

Ava's story beginning


This is not about the traitor. The traitor who leaped from the roof where the meeting took place and took shelter in the hands of the enemy. Took shelter from the wrath of the Alliance, the very Alliance he once loved. Now his hatred for them was boundless, as was there's for him. Their hatred was as cold as shattering glass. This is not about the man, who, with his treachery, cracked the firm, sturdy, bonds of the Alliance and turned the peace to war.

This is not about the one who banished all hope.


This is about the woman with blue skin and silver hair through the blood and the death and the killing on a black path that burned behind her. Who rode straight into the very inner circle of the Alliance and shocked everyone, broke all the rules, opened their eyes and said,

“This is it.”




Sunday, August 28, 2011

Megan's writing!

My hair flies in my face as I run. I have to get away before anyone realizes the leather pouch is missing from town square and so am I. Darkness falls and my hair turns from amber to a glowing red. My eyes turn from hazel to a vicious color of black. I am one of 'them' because my father was. I must find 'them' and give 'them' this pouch so their families do not die.

I sprint letting the wind blow through my hair as the night goes on. I'm tired. I'm scared. I don't know where I'm going. when daytime comes I keep running until I find a place to rest, but before I do I find myself toppling over a bush that I hadn't seen, I do a flip in the air and land hard on my back. Gasping for breath while I open my eyes a boy, tall and sturdy is standing above me. Watching me. Everything starts to go blurry and starts spinning in circles. Then everything is black; everything is silent and I don't remember anymore.

Shannon's Many suggested prompts...

1) Her heart was shattered into millions of shards, and he made the mistake to step on them.
2) The air around him was thin with hate.
3) Julie woke up to the overwhelming taste of pesticide in her mouth.
4) "It is too late for the rain to help us now."
5) "No."
6) The wispy smoke trickled into the air, leaving the dying ruby embers, alone in the world from that day on.
this one is kinda like 6), but its still different!
7) He saw her through the smoke of the fire, and then he knew it was her.
8) Robert wasn't one to understand much; when he sat at the bedside of a dying, pale faced little girl who, with the last breath she would ever take, whispered the words "Tonight the sun will set, and the moon will rise again", he simply said, "Of course it will, Celeste, it always does."
9) It was the same every day; Frank went to McDonalds and got his breakfast burrito, and left for the dump to seek his fortune.
10) Sometimes people do stuff that they regret, and it seems that other times the mistake is to big to even remember to regret.


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Saturday, August 27, 2011


We have over 200 views in 3 days!

Caleb's story!

Here's The very beginning of my story, people from the Common School have seen it before:

Kendra awoke on an early Saturday morning in Amherst Massachusetts. The warm rays of sun beat down on her long brown hair. She gets out of bed and starts walk down the hallway. Her Common School shirt matches the Hallway carpet. As she slides her feet across the carpet she stares at family photos. When she reached the end of the hallway a bowl and a box of cereal was laid out on the table before her. A screechy noise was made when she pulled the chair out. As she sat down her mother walked in. “morning Kendra,” She said with a yawn.” Morning mom.”


. After she finished her cereal and got her normal lecture on how bad it is to bite your finger nails Kendra headed back to her room. When she entered into her room she started to bite her finger nails again. As the nail fell to the ground a portal/puddle like thing appeared. She jumped in..

It isn't very good, but tell me what you think.


Ava's suggested prompts!

Here's some line prompts that Ava suggested:

1.The ghost was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

2.It turned out, the gun wasn't as new as the man thought.

Show me whatcha got!

-Mediator Caleb

Friday, August 26, 2011

New story!

This is the beginning of a new story Im working on. It is called the Astronomer's Apprentice although that is only a temporary title. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Atar strolled down the brightly lit hall toward the astronomy spire. He slowed to admire the star speckled ceiling of the constellation corridor, which filled the hall with exquisite light.

“Atar, wait,” said a deep powerful voice.

Atar turned around to see the astronomer Celesto striding down the hall, his blue and silver robes glinting in the starlight.

“Walk with me,” he said gently.

“Of course sir,” answered Atar slowing down to let the astronomer pull even with him.

“Have you seen Wira today?” asked Celesto.

“No, why?” responded Atar.

“Because I haven’t seen her either.” Responded the tall, thin man that resembled a wire wearing clothes.

“I know how much you two are in love,” he said his voice dripping with sarcasm. Atar turned away, hiding the scarlet blush that was creeping on to his cheeks.


We now have over 100 views in two days!


What you write, doesn't have to be a story! It just has to be at least 8 sentences! Fell free to leave us suggestions for prompts!


Second post!

This is a different kind of prompt. It's shorter than the other one.

He has a criminal record, but a minor one at least. It really isn't all that bad, but I do suppose that covering a car with sandwich condiments probably points towards some kind of mind disorder.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First writing post!

You go to the past when a hurricane hits your house. Who are you with? What year are you in? You meet one person? How does the person help you? How do you get back. Do other people know what happened to you?

Leave your small writing piece on this subject, in comment form!

mediator Caleb

Just to let you guys know.

I might post other random things that are completely unrelated to writing, yeah.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011