Monday, October 31, 2011

Status Report...

Our power has been out for two days now and only now at the Black Sheep Deli can I post something. I am doing fine, we've been eating well and we made a fire in our fireplace last night. I am working on something at the moment and when I'm done I will post it. (See if you can guess what it is) The only problem with this is that I won't be done with it for a while:( Please tell me how your October blizzard was. I don't have school today, so its a snow day in October! Hope everyones doing okay.
Keep Warm!
Here's a tiny bit more of the Otto story that I posted a bit of a couple days ago.

“Otto, look at those stars,” said Em pointing into the dark sky. “They look like a person.”

“A really demented person,” muttered Henry under his breath.

“No, look, it looks like a deer. See those are the antlers and there’s the nose,” Henry said turning to Otto.

Otto smiled to himself, “Your both wrong, it looks like a left-handed smoke shifter.”

“What’s that?” asked Em with a puzzled expression.

“Oh you’ll find out when your older,” said Otto obscurely.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Piece Story Beginning

I wrote this in a writing group I am in with some of my friends. I really am enjoying writing it. Please tell me if you want me to post more of it in the future.

The old lady sat by the side of the road. The road to No-Land. Everyday she sat weaving; no one walked the road to No-Land. No one would be so foolish as to place their shining leather boot on to the mosaic of bones that created the road. Old grass seed littered the sides of the road placed in hope that maybe grass would grow, but now it just served as a reminder of how dead the land was here. But still the lady sat weaving her carpet of fate, waiting for the day when someone would take the carpet to No-Land. The land of the dead.

Otto sat in the torn armchair sipping from his hot mug of coffee. His real name was Autumnal because he had been born on September 21st the Autumnal Equinox. But much to his parents dismay he detested the name and went by Otto. Otto loved Brooklyn, the bustle, the steady sound of cars, and the smell of the Mexican restaurant across from his apartment. On Saturdays he always came to the Cocoa Emporium for a cup of coffee and to hear their weekly jazz performance. A bell tinkled as the front door opened. Otto stood up returning his mug to a plastic dish rack. He walked outside letting the cool Halloween air wash across his face. Today Otto had promised to accompany his best friend Seamus and his wife as they took their twins trick or treating. A voice rang out from in front of him, “Otto, Otto, over here.” That was Seamus next to him was his wife Spring. Standing next to Spring, one of them holding her hand were the twins, Em (Short for Emma) and Henry. Spring’s favorite movie was the Wizard of Oz and she had named the twins after Wendy’s aunt and uncle. Otto laughed, standing below the twins were their too dogs Rhubarb and Raspberry, (named after the main ingredients in Seamus’ favorite pie) Spring always dressed the dogs up for Halloween and this year was no exception. Rhubarb had on a Frankenstein mask while Raspberry had on a light blue doggy jacket and a tiara. They both started whimpering pitifully the moment they saw Otto, they looked utterly miserable. Otto wasn’t surprised; Spring was an artist who worked in a modern art gallery in SoHo. Seamus was an inventor; his most recent invention was a solar powered toothpaste dispenser. Among his other inventions included a pen that sucked up pigment instead of placing it and was perfect for drawing on black paper.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One of my line prompts.

Please tell me if you like this. If you do I'll post more.

They rose, from the mountains, the oceans, the forest. To witness the choosing of the hero of the ages.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some more of Shannon's line prompts.

1) He touched her pearly face, and wiped off an opal of a tear that fell from her sapphire eyes.
2)The fire in her yellowy eyes pierced me, like a bullet through me soul.
3) Luccia never had a home before, but it seemed now that she had too many.
4) The sound of purity beyond her knowledge suddenly came from the thing on the wall, but she, along with the rest on them, thought it was just a bell.
5) Lemin knew everything; the cooking secrets, the sewing secrets, and the gypsies.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Setting Piece

This is a piece that I wrote for a school assignment on writing a setting piece. And yes I had to make it creepy... Sorry, I just can't help it.

The Fields of Rynheart

The field was like an ocean, waves of wheat and other various grains blowing in the dry whistling winter wind. From above it was like a tornado of grain. The delectable scents of fresh bread and crackling bacon fled like ants scurrying away from a foot toward the unending farmland from a lone fading brick cottage with ivy running up a blue-shingled roof. A sun is shining in a clear sky, a scarecrow stands with his straw hat frosted with a light dusting of snow. The wind blows a thin mist of snow, covering the fields with a shroud of whiteness. A lone killdeer shrieked a warning its black-striped wings glinting in the sun, throwing a shadow on the snowy ground below. A rabbit runs in corn patch chased by a gigantic brutal looking dog. Suddenly the unnatural silence is broken by the sounds of birds warning calls. The man is out of place his black suit contrasting with the pure bright snow. He is carrying a small attaché brief case. He kneels next to the scarecrow and opens the brief case. When he looks up again the scarecrow is no longer smiling. The man chuckles and walks out of the field, the giant graveyard of gray grain stalks. A lone killdeer shrieks.


Here's a book review that I did:

Two stories in one, these two characters are very related. One story is in words and one is only in pics. The one in pictures takes place before the other. It's about a deaf girl who lives near New York city but is never allowed to go, because she won't be able to tell if a car is coming. Her mom is a famous broadway actress and she sneaks out of her house to go see her rehearse. Her mom didn't like that idea. The mom got very upset and was going to organize a trip[ for her to go back, but she escapes, and meets her older brother, who she had never heard of before.

The story in words is about a kid named Ben who lives in MInnesota. He was born deaf in one ear, and during a storm he was using the phone, and lightning hit his house, and went through the phone lines and made him deaf in the other. His mother dies, and when he looks through some of her things he finds something mysterious. It was a book given to her by someone named Daniel. Could this be her boyfriend? he never knew of his dad because his mom never talked about it. There was an address in the book to where he lived. It is in New York city. He travels there all by himself and adventually meets an old lady who knows him, but he doesn't know her. It was his grandmother, the girl from the story in pictures.

What I liked about it:

I liked how there were two stories going at once. It just made it a lot more interesting. I also liked how they were both deaf. Obviously not that it's good to be deaf, but how they learned to deal with it, even though it made their lives very rough. I also liked how they were connected. I wasn't expecting that.

What I didn't like:

I didn't like how the writing was just writing. There was no pictures for the story with Ben. Te pictures are the best part, just because they are soooo good! It was also confusing because both of the stories were going on at the same time. It would 4 pages of Ben, and then 4 pictures for Rose. I also didn't read the inside cover which said that was happening, sooo yeah.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Blog has 1,000 views!!! In less than two months. Thank you everyone!!


Any ideas on prompts? If so tell me in the comments and I will post them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tell People!

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More Pictures From the Bridge of Flowers

I'm starting to grow obsessed with photography, I'm going to be posting a lot more pictures from now on.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Picture at the Bridge of Flowers, Before it Flooded

Sun Set on Cape Cod...

My cousin Will's piece.

This is my adult cousin Will's piece. Enjoy and comment and say hi.

Chapter 1.

Wherein we meet our hero

and a few other people.

There once was a young man with the improbable name of Flannelmouth Finnegan. That was not his original name. The birth record said Vernal Equinox Finnegan because he was due on the 20th of March, but as luck would have it his mother traveled over a road full of potholes on March 18, and he arrived two days early. His father, who had the good Irish name of Seamus, would have preferred Patrick or Francis, but he was busy at a tavern at the time the child arrived, so the mother got to choose. So Vernal E. for Equinox Finnegan it was.

When Flannelmouth was barely three years old, the mother, who was Rose, died while giving birth to a sister, so he hardly had memory of it all. The babe was whisked away by the Sheltering Arms Adoption Agency at the behest of the mother’s older sister Theresa and was never heard from again.

The father insisted on raising the lad by himself, though he was always a few dollars short of solvency and a few drinks short of enough. The child welfare workers tried to stop it, but they were overruled because the county was facing a terrible budget shortfall that year.

So Flannelmouth was raised, more or less, by his father. Beyond filling the child’s head full of stories from the old country that came over in the l850s with his forebears, he did blessed little for the lad. To be more accurate, Flannelmouth raised himself. Necessity is an effective if harsh teacher, and Flannelmouth developed an amazing ability to survive under adverse circumstances. Among other life skills, he honed lying into an impressive art form.

The Flannelmouth part? This is where that came from: He stumbled over an uneven patch in the sidewalk and bit his tongue on his way to school one day, so speaking became not only painful but clumsy as well. It took him a long time to answer a first grade teacher’s question, and when the words came out it must have sounded like he had a wad of cotton flannel in his mouth. The teacher, wanting only to be funny and not thinking about the longterm effects, dubbed him Flannelmouth on the spot. His classmates took it from there, so Flannelmouth it was forevermore.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Picture of a gigantic spider I took...

New Thing

This is just a random thing I'm working on. Please Comment!!!!!

Atar strolled down the brightly lit hall toward the astronomy spire. He slowed to admire the star speckled ceiling of the constellation corridor, which filled the hall with exquisite light.

“Atar, wait,” said a deep powerful voice.

Atar turned around to see the astronomer Celesto striding down the hall, his blue and silver robes glinting in the starlight.

“Walk with me,” he said gently.

“Of course sir,” answered Atar slowing down to let the astronomer pull even with him.

“Have you seen Wira today?” asked Celesto.

“No, why?” responded Atar.

“Because I haven’t seen her either.” Responded the tall, thin man that resembled a wire wearing clothes.

“I know how much you two are in love,” he said his voice dripping with sarcasm. Atar turned away, hiding the scarlet blush that was creeping on to his cheeks.

“So what are we doing today,” asked Atar quickly changing the subject.

“We will be looking at Mars in the observatory, its movements have been very capricious lately.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Prompt!

Write a very descriptive setting piece. Real or fictional it doesn't matter. Email me your pieces at


Comment! I love comments!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ava's Drawing of Evil Dentists.

Part of Raven-Speaker

This is a part of Raven-Speaker, a story I'm working on at the moment. Ditors are the currency and Rellion is the main character. This is where he learns that his uncle is becoming king of Avon Arret.

Rellion sighed putting down the invitation. So Uncle Sanko is going to be king, Rellion thought. Sanko was, obviously Rellion’s uncle, his father’s brother. He was the richest member of the royal family having a gigantic share in the profit from the produce industry. He owned millions of acres of farmland to the west reaches of Avon Arret. He was even richer than the king because the king’s income was limited to his salary and personal charges. While the king’s salary was always a fixed $600,000 ditors a fortune in Avon Arret, Sanko’s profit depended on the amount of produce there was so a good year of harvest meant an extra million ditors to Sanko while a drought or a famine meant that much less. Even so, his salary was usually at an average of 1.8 million ditors. Three times the amount the king made. But now he would be king. For Sanko it wasn’t too much of a disappointment.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Prompt!

Write about a famous current or historical figure with a hidden identity. Example: Abraham Lincon is a superhero or Lady Gaga is a spy from Jupiter. Anyone will do. Enjoy writing.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Short Thing.

I walk in the hallways of the kings.

I hear the whisperings of my royal ancestors as I walk.

I am ruler.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


What do you people think about me making a development blog of Raven-Speaker and my other stuff?